High Quality Road Markings

Lewis Lining provides a unique road marking service which has been developed through years of experience within the Road Marking industry. We offer a wide range of Road Marking services tailored to meet your requirements. We undertake Road Marking work for both the private and commercial sector. This website only provides a brief insight into our various road marking abilities, hopefully some of which will meet your criteria. To help you make the right decision and for all your Road Marking needs please contact us on 01276 916494.

Various materials and colours depending on surface type etc

Lewis Lining, based in the South is a family run business providing a wide range of thermoplastic and paint marking services for domestic, commercial, local authority and industrial clients throughout the South of England and the wider UK.

Providing unique road marking services, since 1991

Private and Public Road Marking – Commercial, Domestic and Industrial Markings throughout the UK.
Lewis Lining provide the following road marking services: Various materials and colours depending on surface type and road condition etc.

  • Yellow "No Parking" Lines 
  • Parking Bays
  • Disabled Parking Bays
  • Parent and Child Parking Bays
  • Hatching – Keep Clear Markings
  • Arrows
  • Double Yellow Line Road Marking
  • Road Line Marking
  • Road Lettering
  • Numbering
  • Give Way Road Junction Markings
  • Triangles
  • Centre Line
  • Speed Ramp Markings
  • Road Speed Limit Markings
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Zebra Crossings
  • Symbols – Pedestrian/Disabled/Cycle etc.
  • Cycle Lanes
  • Kerb/Steps Painted
  • Roundabout Markings
  • Removal of Redundant Road Markings