Warehouse Marking Services

Lewis Lining provide the following warehouse marking services:

Various materials and colours can be used depending on surface type and intended final finish, we will advise on all considerations regarding the most appropriate materials to use for internal surface marking to ensure that the safety of the individuals using any marked area are paramount.

Safety First
Durability as Standard
Pedestrian and Truck routes

A sample of the markings we can apply:

  • Yellow No Parking Lines
  • Hatching – Keep Clear Markings
  • Arrows
  • Lettering
  • Numbering
  • Zebra Crossings
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Pedestrian Symbols
  • Hazard Markings
  • Loading Bay Areas
  • Delivery Bay Areas
  • Trolley Bays
  • Fire Exits
  • Keep Clear Markings
  • Pallet Areas
  • Racking Areas
  • Kerbs/Steps Painted
  • Speed Limit Markings
  • Fork Lift Truck Routes

If you have a specific or bespoke marking need please don't hesitate to get in touch